Daily Skin Care Routine


A common problem when our skin gets older are wrinkles and age spots. You need a regular routine with multiple facial products to really attack these problems. You should prepare the skin and you do that by cleaning and using toner. The cleanser can remove dirt, oil, makeup, bacteria, sweat, and other unwanted things that can clog your pores. Your pores need to be ready to receive the facial products that you are going to use.

The cleanser unplugs the pores, the toner can create a more balanced pH on the face, so the combination of these two products prepares the skin. The Vitamin C serum is what can help repair and restore some of the damage caused by aging and can help with building up collagen to minimize wrinkles and lighten (or possibly even eliminate) the age spots. Under the eyes are quite often the first part of our face that begins to show our age, so it’s a good idea to give this part of your face special attention. You finish up with moisturizer to prevent the skin from getting dry. Dry skin can increase the odds of common skin issues. The Ultimate Beauty Package gives you a powerful punch to slow down signs of aging skin, giving you a more youthful appearance.

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Helping with Eczema
Written by Patricia Calahan

I have had eczema on my face for many years. In the past I have had to use a steroid cream every two days to keep in under control. However, I did not like using such a strong cream on my face. Since I have been using these natural products I am down to using the cream once a week. I am so excited to be healing my skin and not just “controlling” the eczema.

Looking better!
Written by Marissa Marshall

I started using this about a month ago because I heard good things about their products. I like the idea it's natural ingredients. After a few weeks I noticed an improvement in my skin. My skin seemed to have a little more color and some trouble areas are looking better. I wish the toner was in a bigger bottle because I use it morning and night.

Helped with age spots!
Written by Ava Thompson

i have only been using these products for a month but I am already seeing results for my age spots. They are becoming lighter and lighter. Can't wait to see what happens after another month!

A big difference!
Written by Jazmine Murphy

I started using these products (Cleanser, Toner, Eye Treatment, Serum and Moisturizer) about 6 weeks ago and I already notice a big difference in my skin! My skin just looks healthier, not as dry and a few trouble spots are getting better. I feel better about myself. I love these products!