Fresh Face Morning Routine


If you have completed your night skin care routine, which is to clean and moisturize, then your morning routine doesn’t need to be as extensive (unless you have either very dry or very oil skin). You can use the toner to do any cleaning up that needs to be done since your night cleaning.

The toner will also set-up your skin (by closing pores and pH balancing) to absorb the Vitamin C Serum. The daytime is when you skin is usually more likely attacked by environmental factors that aren’t good for the skin, as well as any decisions that we make that aren’t the best for healthy skin (eating, water intake, sun exposure), so you need to give it the opportunity to repair some of the damage that is being done during the day.

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Easey peasy!
Written by Sarah Grant

I like to sleep in as long as possible in the morning so everything I do whether it's getting dressed, eating breakfast or putting on make-up, it has to be quick, quick. This routine is super easy and takes just a few minutes. My skin looks great since I started using it!

Good for fall and winter
Written by Dave Patterson

During the fall and winter months my face gets really dry and I am not the best about washing my face at night (not a ritual a guy is taught to do). This combination works well and is quick to do in the morning. I would prefer a different top for the serum so it would come out a little faster.

Healthy Skin
Written by Emily Martin

The toner with the serum really seemed to make a difference in how healthy my skin looks.