Here's What Our Customers are Saying About Gracieux Beauty Products

I have had eczema on my face for many years. In the past I have had to use a steroid cream every two days to keep in under control. However, I did not like using such a strong cream on my face. Since I have been using these natural products I am down to using the cream once a week. I am so excited to be healing my skin and not just “controlling” the eczema.
- Trish Calahan
There are so many botanicals in this toner, and I love the fresh scent of it. It is pleasant to enjoy organic and natural ingredients not only in the food that I prefer to eat, but also in beauty products that I use. This toner feels very refreshing on my skin, and I hope to be able to incorporate it into my daily beauty routine instead of my old toner.
- Elizaveta Hesketh
Just got this cleanser and it is AMAZING! Smells great and look at all the high quality natural ingredients it has; Aloe, wild geranium, tea tree oil, horsetail and dandelion to name a few. I am super picky about what I use on my skin. I am all about natural products!!
- Amie Melendez
It has done wonders for my fine lines and dull skin! Cruelty free and made with certified organic ingredients! I love Gracieux Beauty 20% Vitamin C Serum!
- Penny Cockrell
I have used Gracieux Beauty 20% Vitamin C Serum twice daily for a week. I have not noticed any adverse effect to my skin. I have seen positive results. Long term use can most likely provide protection against the visible affect of aging that come with the normal aging process. There is no magic potion that stops the aging process of one's skin. There is a way to help slow the signs of aging and that is to protect your skin from sun and wind, hydrate your body and your skin, lubricate your skin with moisturizers, and nurture your skin with products like this Vitamin C Serum.
- Vera Godley
Gracieux Beauty Vitamin C Moisturizing Lotion is an organic, handcrafted moisturizer that's filled with ingredients that deliver the youthful appearance that we all want to have 24/7. It's got some my favorites like Shea Butter and Aloe Vera as well as some that I've recently introduced to like Jojoba Oil, Gotu Kola and Dandelion. When it comes to the texture of the product, the consistency is really great. It's thick enough where I can tell that it's seeping into my skin without being heavy. It also isn't super slick and slimy to where I feel that it's going to just dry off on top of my skin and not actually penetrate.
- Diane Dee
Love the exfoliating gritty feel of the masque as I am putting it on and washing it off. Leaves my skin soft, smooth, and refreshed.
- Trisha Smith
Seriously the BEST skin care products offered right here! I love the eye treatment! My eyes have never looked younger!
- Alexa Cohen
For skin as soft as rose petals get Gracieux Beauty Vitamin C Moisturizing Lotion. I noticed a big difference immediately and within a couple days my skin has become remarkable soft!
- Laura Smith
I love trying new skin care products, especially when they're made with organic and natural ingredients.
- Trudy Zufelt
I love the Gracieux Beauty Super Fruits Antioxidant Masque! This one really is a beauty must try!
- Denise Bloomfield
I have been using this vitamin C cleanser since last month. It is a big change from the homemade soap I have been using - it really cleans down to the pores! Since I am very picky about the ingredients in products I put on my body, I had to scrutinize the ingredient list to make sure it met my seal of approval. It did!
- Rebecca Hauptman
I found a new weapon in my war against aging. This Gracieux Beauty 20% Vitamin C Serum feels absolutely weightless on my skin and leaves my face feeling silky and soft. I just apply it to my freshly washed face, neck and decollete'. Let it absorb for a few minutes before applying moisturizer. There is no heavy perfume smell and is safe for daily use. With ingredients such as Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba Oil, and Witch Hazel, your skin will feel and look firmer, brighter and so much healthier.
- Kathy Roberts