Under Eye Treatment Routine


This package addresses the area under your eye that can reflect tiredness by having dark circles and puffiness or life lines (wrinkles) making an individual’s entire face look lifeless or older than their true age. This treatment can revitalize the skin under your eye and give you a more youthful appearance. The eye contour has the thinnest and most fragile skin on the entire face. So your eyes usually show aging first and therefore need a special treatment compared to the other areas of the face.

First you need to clean under the eye with our cleanser, the pores need to be cleaned so they can absorb the other facial products. The toner will also set-up your skin (by closing pores and pH balancing) to absorb the eye treatment lotion. Your eye treatment lotion needs to be given the opportunity to absorb before putting make-up on top of it, so either use it at night or give it time before applying your make-up. Consistently using this eye treatment can help the sensitive skin under your eye and make your entire face look beautiful.

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Dark circles almost gone!
Written by Chloe Gray

I use to have dark circles under my eyes no matter how much sleep I got. Since I have been using these products, the circles have really gotten a lot lighter.

Bags be gone!
Written by Hannah Torres

I started notice about a year ago, circles under my eyes when I work up and then they would go away after 30 minutes, but then they kept sticking around longer and longer. I knew I had to do something, so I went to a store and bought some over the counter eye treatment, didn't have much of an affect. My friend told me about Gracieux and I was pretty desperate, I was looking so much older. After about 2 weeks I started to notice a difference! My co-workers ask me what I was doing....I told them about Gracieux! Now they are trying it!

Written by Madison Ward

I am 35 and I began to get very baggy eyes. No matter how much sleep I got the bags remained and made my face look older. Someone recommended this package to me and I thought I would give it a try. I love the results!

Good Skin care routine addition
Written by Karina Perry

Very nice addition to my skin care routine. This eye treatment works very well. I wish there was more Vitamin C Serum in this package.