Vitamin C All In One Toner


Vitamin C Toner revitalizes the skin because of the Vitamin C and over a dozen unique botanical actives. Our toner is used to balance skin tone and pH levels to prepare skin for hydration and restoration.  A toner refines the pores (makes them smaller) and clears dead skin cells and excess oils away.

Because the toner works on balancing your pH level, it can increase the effectiveness of your other facial products. The absorption of your serums and crèmes is enhanced with the use of this product. Your skin is nourished, balanced, and toned.

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All in One Toner
Written by Trudy

I run almost every day which leaves my face sweaty and gross. I've been using the toner for a week now and I love how it works with my cleanser to remove the dirt and grime from my face. The toner leaves my skin feeling fresh. I like the natural ingredients in this toner. Most of all, it works well with my daily moisturizer, clearing my face before applying the moisturizer. A refreshing toner with natural ingredients for the win.

Lots of natural ingredients
Written by Elizaveta H.

There are so many botanicals in this toner, and I love the fresh scent of it. This toner feels very refreshing on my skin.

Toner for cleaning!
Written by Taylor Phillips

I am always in a rush to get anywhere. This toner does a great job of cleaning my face. No need to use anything else for cleaning!

Excited to try other products
Written by Ashley Robertson

I have used toners off and on for most of the last 5 years. I didn't find any that kept their promise, to prepare my skin for the serum I use. Then I used Gracieux toner, this stuff works! It really made a difference in how my skin looked. Next I am going to try their serum, should be a great combination!

This toner fits in perfectly with my daily skincare routine!
Written by Madison Ward

Love this toner! I have been using Gracieux products for a while but didn’t see a big need for the toner. I thought I should give this a try and after about 4 weeks it does appear to make a difference in my skin.